Keane Blu-ray

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Grasshopper Film is preparing a Blu-ray release of Lodge Kerrigan’s Keane (2004), starring Damian Lewis, Abigail Breslin, Amy Ryan, Christopher Evan Welch, and Tina Holmes. The release is scheduled to arrive on the market on December 27.

Description: Keane (Damian Lewis) is a mentally unbalanced man who roams the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City, looking for his daughter, who was supposedly kidnapped a year earlier. When he’s not at the bus station he holes up in a dingy hotel, numbing himself with drugs and alcohol. But when Lynn (Amy Ryan), a young single mother, and her daughter, Kira (Abigail Breslin), check into the hotel, Keane reaches out to help them, and he ends up helping himself at the same time.

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