Jess Franco’s Sex is Crazy Prepped for Blu-ray

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Severin FilmsSeverin Films has announced that it is preparing a Blu-ray release of Jess Franco’s Sex is Crazy a.k.a. El sexo est loco (1981), Lina Romay, Lynn Endersson, and Antonio Mayans. The release will be available for purchase during Black Friday.

Label description: Spain, 1981: With the dictatorship over and censorship gone, writer/director Jess Franco returned to his native country to make a series of increasingly brazen films for Tritn that included SINFONIA EROTICA, TWO FEMALE SPIES WITH FLOWERED PANTIES and this surreal sci-fi sex satire that may be the most bizarre film of his career: Lina Romay at her most lushly exposed and naturally comedic stars in this oddball meta-spoof of carnal cabaret, alien breeding, group marriage, spy dramas, satanic cults, the Clasificada S genre and more, all wrapped in Uncle Jess’ Godardian take on his own inimitable oeuvre. Antonio Mayans (BAHIA BLANCA), Tony Skios (NIGHT OF OPEN SEX) and Jess himself star in what was advertised as “an exhausting carousel of eroticism,” now scanned in 2K from the original negative recently discovered in a Bilbao seminary.

Special Features and Technical Specs:

  • Jess Is Crazy Interview With Jess Franco Expert Dr. lex Mendbil
  • Franco/Godard Interview With Stephen Thrower, Author of Flowers of Perversion: The Delirious Cinema of Jess Franco
  • In The Land Of Franco Part 7
  • Original Spanish audio with English subtitles

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