Iron Monkey and Zu Warriors From the Magic Mountain Prepped for Blu-ray

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Shout FactoryShout Factory is preparing Blu-ray releases of Iron Monkey (1993) and Zu Warriors From the Magic Mountain (1983). The two releases are scheduled to arrive on the market on February 14.

Iron Monkey

Official description: Directed by Yuen Woo-Ping, this martial arts classic is set against the end of the Qing Dynasty, and tells the tale of a chivalrous robber, Iron Monkey (Yu Rong-Guang, Supercop 2), who robs the rich and gives to the poor in Zhejiang province.

A famous kung fu master (Donnie Yen, Ip Man) is enlisted in the capture of Iron Monkey. He is thus torn between upholding the law and siding with this unknown hero …

Zu Warriors From the Magic Mountain

Official description: An army deserter (Yuen Biao) is chased by vampires in the mountains of Zu. He is rescued by a master (Adam Cheung) and becomes his devoted pupil. But when they are ambushed by the Blood Devil, the pair find themselves in need of the assistance of a devil chaser (Damian Lau) and his pupil (Mang Hoi). With the additional help of Master Chang Mei (Sammo Hung), they manage to hold off the Blood Devil … but they will need to find the Dual Swords to destroy it!

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