Discotek Media Announces January Releases

Discotek Media has announced its January batch of Blu-ray releases. They are: Dino Mech Gaiking: The Complete TV Series (1976-1977), Shaman King (2001-2002), Virtua Fighter: The Animated Series (1995-1996), The King of Braves GaoGaiGar: The Complete TV Series (1997-1998), Tetsujin 28 FX: The Complete TV Series (1992-1993), and City Hunter: Movie & TV Special Collection (1989-1999).

City Hunter: Movie & TV Special Collection

Description: City Hunter Classic Movies and TV Specials Collection contains the movies .357 Magnum, Bay City Wars, and Million Dollar Conspiracy, and TV Specials The Secret Service, Goodbye My Sweetheart, and Death of the Vicious Criminal Ryo Saeba all directed by Kenji Kodama.

Ryo Saeba, the legendary City Hunter, is a first-class sweeper for hire, taking on jobs from protecting beautiful women to taking out bad guys permanently. He can be a private detective or hitman, whatever the case calls for, and it often requires the use of his superhuman marksmanship. But even so, Ryo can’t do it alone. His partner is Kaori Makimura, the younger sister of his murdered best friend. Kaori serves as his assistant, while also protecting their attractive clients from Ryo’s “mokkori” advances with her trusty supply of 100 ton hammers. Though they always appear to be at each other’s throats, the partners trust each other implicitly when the chips are down, and together they’ve solved various tough cases.

Includes these classic TV specials and movies with the original Japanese language, English subtitles, and English dubs!

.357 Magnum | Bay City Wars | Million Dollar Conspiracy The Secret Service | Goodbye My Sweetheart

Also includes the never before released TV special Death of the Vicious Criminal Ryo Saeba in the original Japanese language with English subtitles!


Dino Mech Gaiking: The Complete TV Series

Description: Thousands of years ago, the people of the planet Zela uplifted the cultures of Earth with advanced alien science and technology. Now, with Zela itself in danger of being dragged into a black hole, the supercomputer Emperor Darius wants to find salvation for his people… by taking our planet for himself! The only ones who can stop Darius’ total conquest are the carrier superweapon Daiku Maryu and its intrepid but eclectic crew: an American navy pilot, a sumo wrestler, a kickboxing champion, and a host of other psychic misfits. The newest addition to the team is a brash baseball player named Sanshiro Tsuwabuki, whose arm was damaged in a Zelan attack, and now seeks revenge at the helm of the giant super robot Gaiking! With a rooting in contemporary science and pop theories about aliens influencing ancient civilizations, Gaiking is a show that will appeal both to robot fanatics and fans of classic science fiction. This complete collection includes all 44 episodes in standard definition. With the original Japanese language, and English subtitles!


Shaman King: Original Japanese Language TV Series

Description: Based on the original manga, laid back Yoh Asakura spends his nights chilling with the local ghosts, including legendary samurai Amidamaru, who Yoh befriends as his Guardian Ghost. Yoh is a Shaman, and not only can he see spirits, he can unite with them and unlock incredible powers. Turns out he’s not the only one, as the “Destiny Star” marks the start of the Shaman Tournament. Every 500 years, Shamans all over the world gather and fight to see who will become: The Shaman King! This complete collection includes all 64 uncut Japanese language episodes in high definition, with English subtitles!


Virtua Fighter: The Animated Series

Description: Based on the classic SEGA video games, it’s Virtua Fighter: The Animated Series! We follow Akira Yuki, a Hakkyoku-ken martial artist, training in the United States. One day, he ends up saving a girl named Pai being chased by suspicious men in a restaurant. Akira meets friends such as Jacky, Sarah, Wolf and Lion on his journey, fighting against forces such as the evil martial arts Dojo Koenkan, the deadly merchant Rafale, and the crazy scientist, Eva. What will Akira and friends encounter on their Journey? Will the gang beat the evil crime lords? Or will they all be beat by the forces of evil before they even get there? Seen here in its entirety for the first time, Virtua Fighter: The Animated Series is 35 episodes of martial arts, dumplings, and slapstick that you won’t want to miss!

Special Features: Commentaries, US Opening and Ending, Art Gallery


The King of Braves GaoGaiGar: The Complete TV Series

Description: This is the story of the brave men and women who will defend our world. On a desolate road in the snowy mountains, a childless couple wished upon a falling star. The star is revealed to be Galeon, a mechanical lion who delivers the baby Mamoru into their arms. Mamoru grows into an ordinary grade school student, until the day when his class is caught up in a ferocious attack by the mechanoid alien Zonders. The young cyborg hero, Gai Shishioh, is sent by the UN alien defense force “GGG.”

He risks his own life without question to protect Mamoru’s class and all of Earth. Drawn by the power of his mysterious origins, Mamoru becomes a member of GGG, joining the ranks of humanity’s bravest defenders as they wage all-out war against the Zonders with their advanced vehicles, weapons and AI robots. When their backs are up against the wall, Gai fuses with Galeon and GGG’s GaoMachines to form the indomitable king of all robots: GaoGaiGar! But even in the face of these awe-inspiring machines, the bravery of humanity in its darkest hour is the true key to victory!

This complete TV series collection includes all 49 TV series episodes! Including the Japanese language with English subtitles on every episode, and the English dub of episodes 1-25!


Tetsujin 28 FX: The Complete TV Series

Description: Decades have passed since Shotaro Kaneda and Tetsujin 28 protected the world but evil continues to strike! It’s time for a new hero and a new robot, Tetsujin 28 FX, to protect the world! Masato Kaneda returns after mysterious vanishing a year ago to take up the reins of protecting the Earth along with his family and friends from the diabolical Neo Black Gang. With upgrades for Tetsujin 28 FX from Masato’s brilliant mother Yoko, along with Shotaro and the original Tetsujin 28 occasionally leaping in to help, can they stop the Neo Black Gang and all the other villains and rogue robots?! This complete collection includes all 47 episodes in standard definition, with the original Japanese language and English subtitles!


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