Angry Neighbors Blu-ray

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Lionsgate FilmsLionsgate Home Entertainment will bring to Blu-ray Warren Brock’s comedy Angry Neighbors (2022), starring ‎ Frank Langella, Cheech Marin, Stockard Channing, and Bobby Cannavale. The release is scheduled to arrive on the market on January 10.

Description: Angry Neighbors tells the story of Harry March, a retired writer whose life unravels when a multimillionaire begins building a mansion across from his quiet island home in the Hamptons,” says the synopsis. “Up until now, he has lived peacefully with his talking dog, Hector, a born-again Evangelical and unapologetic capitalist. To Harr, the gargantuan mansion represents the fetid and corrupt excess that has ruined modern civilization. Which means, quite simply, that this is war.

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